Here you'll find the master recipes that form the foundation of everything else that I make. These are also the building blocks of recipes yet to be developed, and probably the closest to any trademark "secrets" that underly my successful culinary endeavors. There are tips and tricks scattered throughout -- things I've learned after making major mistakes, advice I've picked up from other more experienced bakers, or techniques I've simply discovered after making something for the hundredth time. If you're looking to develop skills that will serve you well beyond a single culinary pursuit, these are the recipes to invest time in learning. 


French Macarons

These delicate, meringue-based cookies are one of my go to confections, partly because they're so crowd-pleasing and partly because the flavor options are absolutely limitless. This is my base recipe, which can be adapted with flavor extracts and fillings for infinite combinations of slightly crunchy, slightly chewy, always fancy deliciousness. 


Pie Dough

In my opinion, the crust is what really makes or breaks a good pie. Most fillings are hard to truly mess up, but a flavorless, tough, or grainy crust can ruin an otherwise delicious pie. This is an all-butter dough recipe that's easy to roll out and manipulate, leading to crusts that are both beautiful and perfectly flaky.